Fusion Technical Solutions provides Telecom staffing services to OEMs, carriers, and EF&I companies of all sizes nationwide for virtually all types of telecom infrastructure technologies. With a team of seasoned Telecom Recruiters and Account Managers and a very large and growing database of telecom talent, we can rapidly respond to a wide range of requirements with well-qualified candidates. We provide the same capabilities of multi-billion dollar technology staffing companies without all the overhead and bureaucracy.

Positions we have provided for our clients include:

  • Project Managers, Coordinators, and Administrators
  • Contract Managers and Business Analysts
  • Site Acquisition, Construction, and Implementation Managers, New Site Builds, Deployment Managers
  • Equipment Logistics Managers
  • Site Development and Network Deployment Trainers
  • Node Installers, Integrators, and Testers
  • RF Planning, Design, Tuning, Optimization Engineers
  • Solution Architects, System Integrators/Testers
  • Research and Development Engineers
  • Core Network Engineers
  • Operations & Support Engineers
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Drive Testers
  • Mobile and Fixed Application Developers
  • IT and Cloud Engineers
  • Billing Experts

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